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Rides & Events

Summer 2017 Shop Rides

Hometown Bicycles Thursday Morning Social Ride

We’ve got a ride for every cyclist! Our weekly shop rides cover everything from recreational riding and gravel grinding, to beginner mountain biking and hammerfests. Check out the list of rides below, or download a printable copy HERE. There’s no cost to participate – join us!!

Hometown Bicycles shop ride(Rides begin as soon as the weather breaks! Follow us on Facebook to stay posted on ride updates, or contact ride@myhometownbicycles.com with specific questions.

CLICK HERE to fill out your Hometown Ride Waiver in advance!)


BEGINNER ROAD RIDE – Sponsored by Pro-Motion Physical Therapy

Hometown Bicycles at 6:30 p.m. – NO DROP RIDE

Come grow with the weekly ride as we start with 10 – 15 miles and end the season conquering 30 miles! 1 – 1.5 hours to start. Route will take us onto the park roads. Road bikes only. All level riders are welcome – pace groups will range from 12-17+mph to suit skill levels. Please have some experience riding the bike you bring to this ride, including basic shifting and braking. Beyond that, we’re delighted to share tips on how to make the hills easier and the flats faster – just ask!



Hometown Bicycles at 6:30 p.m. – NO DROP RIDE

This is a 20-30 mile back road bomber through the east side of Brighton, including parts of Green Oak Township. This “get-your-feet-wet-with-gravel-grinding” kind of ride averages 12-14mph. Plan for about 2 hours. Primarily dirt with some undulating paved roads, and a little light trail here and there. Gravel / adventure / cross bikes recommended. Mountain bikes welcome. For all rider levels.



Hometown Bicycles at 6:30 p.m. – NO DROP RIDE

Casual riders wanted! Come cruise the park roads of Island Lake with the Hometown crew. All types of bikes are welcome as we roll at a 7 – 10 mph pace with smiles on our faces! 1 hour ride. All level riders encouraged to join us.


Hometown Bicycles at 6:30 p.m.

Bring your “A” game and see if you can stay on this crazy train of talented individuals as they push each other to find new limits. You’ll want the fastest road bike you own, as the pace averages 20 mph through 2 laps (40 miles) of the roads of Island Lake. Expect the flats pace to range 24 – 28 mph! Carve out 2 hours of your evening for this ride.


Hometown Bicycles at 6:30 p.m.

For those that would like to build up to the original Hammerfest pace, this ride rolls out with the fast group, but maintains a slightly more moderate 17 – 18 mph pace average (with flats of 20+ mph). This will include 25 miles (1 lap of ILRA & the Kensington Loop). Plan for 2 hours.



Check the weekly Hometown Facebook Event posts for start time – NO DROP RIDE

Join us as we explore our local park roads, paved paths and sometimes – a bakery! All bikes welcome.  Expect to average 10 mph for 1.5+ hours as we cover 13 – 18 miles.  Watch the Hometown Bicycles Newsletter and Facebook for the weekly start location.



Sunset (time TBA) from various locations– NO DROP RIDE

Bring your lights for this mountain bike ride, as we’ll be dashing through the dark at times.  This lively crew has been known to jaunt through Island Lake from Hometown Bicycles and complete the 16 miles in 1.5 hours. They like to change up the scenery, so watch the Hometown Bicycles Newsletter and Facebook for the weekly start location.



Hometown Bicycles at 9:00 a.m.  –  NO DROP RIDE             

Come grow with the weekly ride as we start out aiming for 10 – 15 miles and expand as the weeks roll by.  Route will be on the park roads.  Road bikes are preferred for this ride.  All level riders are welcome.

FAT BIKE FRIENDLY RIDE (Returning Fall 2017!)

Time and location vary – NO DROP RIDE

Time and location announced weekly through Hometown Bicycles Newsletter and Facebook.  All rider levels are welcome for this relaxed pace, NO DROP adventure.  Be prepared to roll through dry trails or sandy lands as we unleash the Fat Bikes for a few hours and cover 8 – 15 miles.  Watch the Hometown Bicycles Newsletter and Facebook for the weekly time, start location and description.



Hartland Township Hall at 9 a.m. – NO DROP RIDE

Scenic, very HILLY dirt roads with a few miles of pavement for connectors. Expect to venture across a changing route of 25 to 40 miles at a 13 – 15 mph pace. (Did I mention it was hilly?)  All types of bikes are welcome. Hartland Twp. Hall lower parking lot (turn right once in the drive) 2655 Clark Rd, Hartland, MI 48353


4:30 p.m. from various locations – NO DROP RIDE

Beginner friendly mountain bike trail ride which will encourage riders to visit new trails as their skill level increases.  Expect to venture out past Island Lake throughout the season to Brighton’s Murray Lake, Milford, Maybury, and Waterloo’s DTE Trail.  If Poto is your goal, this is the weekly ride to get you there by the end of the season!  Save 1.5 hours of your day to cover 12 – 16 miles of trail with the Hometown crew.  Watch the Hometown Bicycles’ Newsletter and Facebook for the weekly start location and any time changes.

We do ask that riders under 15 remain with their guardian throughout the ride. Be mindful that the trail has several hills and some minimum level of fitness will be helpful to make for a positive experience for this planned 1.5 hour ride.


2017 Rides & Events Calendar

We live in an area where you can ride the shoreline, pedal the hills, cycle the sand dunes, roll through fields and bike through State forests, all within one State. Below is a list of cool, Michigan rides and shop events that will feed your sense of adventure!

ALL RIDES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. We suggest always calling ahead or keeping up with the latest ride details on our Facebook page!



Want Us to be a Part of Your Event?

We love participating in rides, races, clinics, bike rodeos, Scout and 4-H programs, and all things cycling. If you’d like us to be a part of YOUR event, contact our Events Coordinator at events@myhometownbicycles.com.

17 Responses

  1. Just checking when the Bike rodeo is- May 24th or 30th and what time. Thanks Teri Down on Farm 4h

  2. Hey!

    I’m planning to attend the Track 101 course at Bloomer Park Velodrome this Saturday, May 10th, 10:00-1:00 – barring rain.


    It’s a bit of a drive so if anyone is interested in coming along let me know. I attended some of the classes last year and if you’ve never ridden the track, this is the day to go. You can rent everything there and the first time is free (entrance and equipment).


  3. Are you still having the Iceman Prep Ride? I may need to join in on that more toward the fall… this will be my first Iceman year!

  4. Hey! I’m typing this from work so I don’t have your email addy handy. Fpor the 2011 Milford Crit, I’m trying to muster the major bike and related manufacturers to support their brand and LBS’ that sell their brand.
    The event needs all the $$$ support it can get, but I don’t think we’d be too successful getting $$$ from them. I do think that it is not only reasonable, but in fact good business for them to show support in other ways (ie banners, promo items, in-kind contributions, etc).
    If you could put me in touch with with your mfg reps, I can take it from there. They’ll get in on the action for cheap!


  5. Mountain Bike Ride tonight @ 5:30

  6. Saturday, June 5th 2010
    Fun ride or epic ~ you decide! A DAY OF MOUNTAIN BIKING starting in the Village of Milford.

    Visit http://www.MILFORDCHALLENGE.com for Details

  7. Bring your Kids Downtown Howell this Saturday from 1pm to 4pm for the Howell Police Open House. Its Fun and Free. You can get you bicycle registered (If you live in the city of howell) and I will be there doing free bike inspections and helmet checks. for more information call the shop (810) 225-2441

  8. If you have never seen a criterium, or “crit” race before, you owe it to yourself and your family to come to downtown Milford on Sunday, August 1st and see the excitement. We bring racing excitement to the people. In addition to the races, there’s lots to do; Healthy Lifestyle Expo, demos, local shops and resturants, and more. There’s even a free kids race. There’s no admission – bring the whole family and make a day of it. For more info, or to contact us with questions, visit our web site.

  9. Remember MAY 8TH DEMO DAY at island Lake. Come out and ride some of the best bikes in the World. you must Pre Register befor the event


  10. Tour de Livingston is on Sunday, October 10, 2010. That’s 10-10-10!

  11. Remember everyone, Road ride Wednesday at 5:30, we had a great one last week. Also all the cool kids did show up.

  12. Wednesday ROAD RIDE 6PM Road 16 miles NO DROP

  13. Group Rider today leaving from the shop at 5:30. Headed up by David Struble

  14. The 3rd Rock The Isle Ring Your Belle Spring Ride 4- 24-2010 10:00am till 4:00pm Belle Isle in Detroit. Do not for get about the Ann Arbor Bike Show on 4-25-2010 hope to se everyone there.

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