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Our Crew

Who is This Attractive Bunch?

Hometown Bicycles crew, including Shaun Bhajan, Dawn Bhajan, and family

MEET YOUR HOMETOWN BICYCLES CREW…  We consider it a true honor when you introduce us to your family and friends – it lets us know that you feel the same respect, loyalty, and you’re-our-peeps kind of thing that we feel for you.

Well, we’d like to extend you the same courtesy! Meet your Hometown 2.017 crew (below). Get to know the guys and gals who help make your Hometown experience a magical one!


Hometown Bicycles Rides Coordinator Jean Steinberg
(Images at left courtesy Jean Steinberg)

Jean, a long-time Hometownie, became part of the Hometown crew a year ago, and has quickly made herself indispensable. Uber passionate about our sport, she’s a powerhouse Rides Coordinator who skillfully pairs the magic of Hometown with the magic of cycling. Loyal. Diligent. Creative. Plus, Jean is always game for a bike-based adventure!

This silly journey of cycling started in 2004 as my then teenage sons found the mountain bike trails in Island Lake and insisted on taking me mountain biking!  Oh boy did things change after that little outing.  I traded the Holiday Inn for a tent, learned we could pack 5 bikes and two people in a Honda Pilot, cactus actually reach out and grab you as you ride by, ignorance was awesome in the early days (talk about over-riding your skill level), my mentors were priceless, mountain bike trail advocacy is near my heart, I have owned too many bikes to count and experienced more awesome riding in the USA than I EVER imagined possible.  My passion for the sport of mountain biking has only grown stronger over time.  When a little mentoring and encouragement leads to someone achieving new skills to overcome a trail stopper, I still get so excited for them – it’s like your kid taking their first step!  I absolutely love helping riders explore and learn more about cycling.


Hometown Bicycles Social Media Guru and Team Hometown Bicycles member, Meghan Terbush
(Images on left courtesy Meghan Terbush)

Meghan recently joined us, with her online expertise and mad photography ‘skillz’, as Hometown’s official Social Media Guru. Instantly likable and talented to the Nth degree, you’ll spot Meghan – also a gung-ho Team Hometownie – snapping pics for Hometown’s Facebook and NEW Instagram page at many of our rides and events! Meghan says…

I am proud to be a Hometownie! Biking is one of my favorite ways to be active and be engrossed in nature. The first time I learned to ride on two wheels was in my backyard when I was five, wearing a dress. It’s safe to say I’ve learned from my mistakes.

I am a road biker, gravel rider and mountain biker (just getting back into it). I enjoy doing different races and fun rides with my family and friends. One of the greatest things about biking to me is when I am flying down hills with the wind in my face or after completing challenging courses and doing better each time.


Hometown Bicycles crew member Amy Gluck
(Images at left courtesy Amy Gluck)

Amy is our resident triathlon clinician, blogger, and inspirational connection. Her passion for her sport is epically motivating, especially considering the remarkable story she has to tell:

I’ve loved Hometown since my first trip there…..from Island Lake….in need of a spare tube….in the middle of a long ride….

I was taken over by cycling following my unexpected addiction to triathlon. Now I’ve completed 9 Ironmans, with 5 Kona qualifications, numerous 1/2 Ironmans, and even more sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. I’ve tried time trialing in Hines Park, but it didn’t give me the same satisfaction as triathlon. That’s probably because running was always my strength in triathlon.

Until a day that changed my life forever. After a week of training in France on numerous climbs from the Tour. Followed by a killer training camp down in the mountains in Georgia. I was sure to be in my best shape for Kona ever in my life!  However, 4 weeks before Kona, while I was out on a training ride, I was hit by a semi who made an illegal left turn right into me.

This resulted in a fake hip, femur, and knee. Killing my running game altogether. I’m working on getting that back and I’ve competed in a few 1/2 IM Aquabikes (swim, bike) this past summer. This summer, I plan to do a few sprint distance triathlons at Island Lake (the T-Rex Series). Hoping that comes back so I can work my way back to longer distance triathlons. In order for me to get back to my longer distance triathlons, I’m going to need to get back in the habit of riding with groups of riders so I always have someone to ride with!  So Hometownies, I NEED YOU to help pull me back up to where I belong!


Hometown Bicycles service lead Andrew Jackson
(Image at left courtesy Andrew Jackson)

Andrew is a Hometown phenomenon – mature beyond his years and with a natural ability to lead. You’ll spot him running lead in our service shop, and participating in tons of shop rides. Customers love him, our kids love him, we love him. Andrew’s a treasure:

Coming from a family of eight children myself, Hometown is just another extension of my big family. Whether it is cranking out the tune-ups, watching the kids for Dawn, or helping Shaun finish up the projects around the shop, I am there. I enjoy mountain biking or road riding with some of my fellow Hometown crew members, racing in the MiSCA series, or working on a project or two of my own (usually bike related). Quote I live by: “The only bars I want to be behind in my life are a set of handlebars.”


Hometown Bicycles Service Lead, Rocco Mularoni
(Images at left courtesy Rocco Mularoni)

Rocco is another returning rockstar, who’s stepping up this summer to co-lead our Service Department to new and glorious heights. With a heart of gold and strong family values, Rocco is an extremely welcome addition to our Hometown Crew. Rocco says:

I’ve been riding bikes since kindergarten, when I used to spend weekends at Waterford Oaks racing BMX. My dad got me into mountain biking around that time as well and I always enjoyed riding with him. Sports began consuming most of my time, with football, hockey, and lacrosse so I had less time for riding. In high school I was playing football and lacrosse for Detroit Catholic Central. Senior year I decided to drop football and was looking for something else, so I picked up mountain biking again and have only gotten more passionate since. I am playing lacrosse at hope college now, but still enjoy getting on my road or mountain bike as often as possible. Besides bikes I also enjoy working on cars, a skill that I learned from countless late nights in the garage with my dad. I love working at hometown because it allows me to work on bikes which I’ve always loved, and it allows me to do it with some of my closest friends which is even better.


Dan CycloDan Tribble
(Images courtesy Dan Tribble)

We’re pleased as punch to introduce you to a long-standing and outstanding member of the Hometown service crew – Dan (CycloDan) Tribble is a fountain of bike knowledge, a Hometownie through and through, and can always be located by the tenor of his talented pipes, belting out tunes as he wrenches on bikes:

After doing my 30 to life in the auto industry, I am lucky to now pursue my passions of cycling and music. I love mountain biking and “getting lost” on Michigan’s back roads. I just work part time now, and I’m so glad that when I do go to work, I get to go to my Happy Place with the Hometown family. Then when the weekend rolls around (that’s Wed for me…hey somebody’s gotta do 4 day weekends and it might as well be me :D) I get to play with a bunch of different talented local musicians, playing blues, rock and old school R&B. I usually have a musical project or 2 going on. Oh yeah, and to any home brewers, I’m a beer tester… will work for beer!


Hometown Bicycles Service Tech Matt Thompson

When you head back to the Service Shop, odds are you’ll be greeted by a friendly “hello!” from Hometown’s impressively personable Service Tech, Matt Thompson. Matt is a natural at making everyone feel welcome, and he has a gift for sharing his love of cycling. Matt says:

I started Mountain Biking when I first moved to Michigan. Its’ always been one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. Nothing could ever replace the feeling after a good ride for me. Joining the Hometown crew has just made me love the sport more, and connected me with people who feel the same way. Biking is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind healthy. I encourage everyone to go ride, because cycling has changed my life forever.


Hometown Bicycles Service Tech Ozzy Aguilar

Our to-the-point service tech, Ozzy, is easy-going but, man, can he rock out the tune-ups! You’ll spot him wrenching on bikes and riding the trails in between his school studies.

I ride because to me riding is a way to enjoy nature at its best. It’s a way to get away from people, the town, the city, and go into nature and enjoy the ride.


Hometown Bicycles Service Tech Chris Mayer
(Images at left courtesy Chris Mayer)

Service tech Chris is one active dude in the competitive sports arena, so you may not have seen much of him yet at Hometown, but he’s already shown his Hometown worthiness by jumping in head first to catch us up on storm-delayed repairs. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this helpful Hometownie during summer break:

I just started working with the Hometown crew, and I love it so far! I currently go to Hartland High School and am a Senior. I’m not sure on future plans yet, but love sports. I am a Varsity cross country runner, swimmer, and track athlete. In the summer I compete in triathlons all over Michigan. This past summer, I even did a half marathon. When I’m not playing or training for sports, I love to play paintball and go backpacking with my friends. I have been road biking for years, but just recently got hooked on mountain biking.


Hometown Bicycles Service Tech Joe Shafer
(Image at left courtesy Joe Shafer)

Service Tech Joe’s Hometown history began with visits to the shop with his dad. Later, his “man on a mission” approach to working at the local grocery caught Shaun’s eye, and we offered him a position here. Today, Joe still comes in and wrenches with purpose – this tech’s got drive, and we’re thrilled to have him on our Crew. Joe says:

I have been mountain biking since I was in 8th grade. My dad biked a lot so I started to go with him. Now I am a sophomore at Brighton High School and I am on their mountain biking team. This is my second year on the team. Along with biking, I also snowboard in the winter. I really enjoy working at hometown because I love the environment and the people I work with. Also working their allows me to understand the sport better and all the mechanics involved.


Hometown Bicycles Service Tech Jerry Cross

If you look up “nice guy” in the dictionary, you’ll spot a photo of skilled Service Tech Jerry. He’s frequently accompanied by his equally likable dog, who customers can’t help but love. Jerry says:

I have been riding bikes since I was five. I started working at a bike shop after I graduated. Bought my first Mountain bike and was instantly hooked. I have completed over 50 races, from 5 to 100 mile rides. Bikes have always been a big part of my life.


Hometown Bicycles crew member, Matthew PershaHometown’s youngest crew member is the personable and enthusiastic Matt Persha. We expect to see great things from Matt. Here’s a brief bike bio from the man himself:

My cousin got me interested in mountain biking, and I currently bike for the Detroit Catholic Central Mountain Bike Team. Before mountain biking, I used to play travel ice hockey as a goalie.


Hometown Bicycles sales associate Tim Bart
Image at left courtesy Tim Bart)

Tim became part of the Hometown family a-WAYYYYYYYYYY back in early 2013. Even back then, he was one of our customers’ favorites – a fact that hasn’t changed in the passing years. Despite his intense scholastic career as a full time engineering student, Tim has found his way back home to Hometown for the summer. You’ll spot him on the floor, being just as much of a stellar resource to our customers as he ever was. Tim says:

Cycling started for me as a mountain biking hobby that sounded like a fun thing to do with my brother. He took me into Hometown to get my first mountain bike and I left that trip with an awesome new bike, and an awesome new job! This led to an obsession to all things bikes and a lifestyle to include cycling as a major part. Through the group rides, the training grind, and the races, Hometown has been by my side and I am proud to call myself part of the Hometown crew and community!


Hometown Bicycles crew member Chris Buddingh
Chris is wacky and wonderful – a man of many talents with a personality as big as they come. Chris helps keep our shop ship-shape, along with a million other tasks that – somehow – he always seems to be good at. He’s been with us since our early days:

Critterbud defined: Loves family, friends, fun, and God, bicycling… Bigfoot!!!… ‘cycle touring, camping, making music, singing and songwriting… the love of Country and Hometown!!! Stolen quote of the day: “If you’re living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space!!!”

Hometown is Hiring!Hometown Bicycles is one of the largest and fastest-growing bicycle shops in Southeast Michigan. We focus on family values, community participation, and an incredible, customer experience.

We are currently seeking career-minded, full-time staff members with the initiative and business and interpersonal skills to train into management. Applicants will learn on either the sales floor or in service, with the goal of growing into a Sales or Service Manager.

Bike knowledge is helpful, but not necessary. Positive attitude, intense work ethic, integrity, and friendly personality are all “must”s.

40 hours per week. Wages/Salary to be discussed.

To apply, please stop in and pick up an application. Speak with Shaun or Dawn.

8 Responses

  1. Great Shop!!, Even though I wasn’t buying a new bike or spending fortune Shaun treated me like I was, I had been searching for an old Shimano Biopace crank, he had one!
    Customer for life, I drive from Birmingham to go to his shop.

  2. This an awesome business because they don’t think of it as a business. You walk in and when you walk out you will have exactly what’s best for you. Their concern is doing things right ? isin’t that pretty wierd these days? Many business’ could take a serious lesson from HomeTown.

  3. The Math suggests 2995 repairs ??

  4. We bought 3 bikes there this year. Two used, and one new. Success follows those who live to outrun it.

  5. SWEEEET website!!! Shaun, I was in your shop with Sam last thursday night and he had been telling me to visit the website-I finally did and props to your wife!! Great Job!

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