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Hometown Heads to Interbike!

Hometown Heads to Interbike! 

Hometown's headin' to Vegas!
What’s happening in Vegas is definitely NOT staying in Vegas, because we’re heading to the bright-light city for Interbike, America’s largest bicycle expo. Our plan is to come back with new products and new ideas for taking Hometown to the next level.

InterbikeWe’ll be tracking down steals & deals for you, meeting with vendors and learning about the next best things to help us rock 2012. So, here’s the deal:

Hometown Bicycles will be closed from WED, September 14 through SUN, September 18.
We’ll re-open on Monday, September 19.

If there’s anything at the shop that you need during that time, PICK IT UP NOW! And if there’s something you want to see us carry at our store, let us know. We’ll see what we can do!

Hometown Photo of the Month

Pat Cheal brings her Jamis Quest to life
A Bicycle is Born:  How is it possible to love cycling even more than you do now? Pat Cheal discovered the answer is to build your own bike. After considering her options, Pat took advantage of our demo program to test out a Jamis… and it was love at first ride. When her new Jamis Quest arrived, we offered her the opportunity to build it herself – with our assistance, of course! And… well, here’s what Pat has to say:

“Thank YOU Shaun! I felt so attached to that bike before I ever even rode it, thanks to being there for it’s birth!”

Hometown Tech Tip: Wet seat, Happy Bike

A wet bike seat is better than bad bearings
Let’s talk a moment about toting your bike around in the rain. It’s been a rainy season. It’s bound to happen.

The mistake many cyclists make is removing their seat before loading it on their car’s bike rack. And who can blame them? Riding with a wet bottom is not particularly fun.

But while you’re rump is nice and dry, water has been seeping down your open seat tube and rusting out your bicycle’s bearings.

So, instead, cover your seat with a shower cap or shopping bag. Riding with a wet seat is an inconvenience. Ruining your crank bearings is an expense!

2011 Repair Countdown

Hometown Repair Countdown to 2,011
We’re now at 1,353 repairs for 2011. 1-3-5-3. That’s over 330 more than we did for all of 2010!! That’s awesome.

Our goal this year is 2,011 repairs. Just 658 left to make it happen. Will you be part of our 2,011? Bring your bikes in today. We’ll blow your socks off with our service!

The Challenge Continues!

Hometown Challenge Champs
The Official Challenge: Our locally renowned super-couple, Steven and Jill, are still cranking out the mileage. They’re just miles away from the 500 we challenged them to ride this summer!

The Unofficial Challenge: After 4 heart surgeries, Mike Hoffner set his own challenge… to live a healthier lifestyle. He eats right and rides his Jamis everywhere. Over 700 miles pedaled this summer and counting!!

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“Life is like riding a bicycle: you don’t fall off unless you stop pedaling.”

                               – Claude Pepper

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