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A New Standard in Bicycle Tune-Ups: The Way It Should Be

Setting a new standard in Tune-ups
It’s been stewing all winter in dirty parts and cables blown from the 2010 riding season. Now you just had the worst first ride of the year ever because your bike’s performance – let’s face it – stank. The remedy? A tune-up, and not just any old tune-up either. Your bike is hankering for The Hometown Tune-up Treatment.

Setting the new standard in a standard tune-up

The Hometown Way“Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way,” declared Chrysler’s Lee Iacocca.

Lee, you said it right and, at Hometown, we’re listening. We began leading the industry last year as Michigan’s only 7am-7pm, 7-days-a-week bike shop. No bank hours for us. We want you to drop your bike off before work, pick it up after, and then RIDE.

But hang onto your bike shorts… our next leadership step is revolutionizing the “standard” tune-up.

What does that mean?
This means that at Hometown, you’re going to get a Standard Tune-up not offered by any other bike shop in the state of Michigan, possibly even the country. Check out any other bike shop. We are THAT confident that their Standard Tune-up won’t hold a candle to Hometown’s.

What is The Hometown Standard Tune-up?

Hometown is the one and only bicycle repair shop that’s OPEN 7AM to 7PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK.

Bikes dropped off before 10am can be picked up that night, and bikes dropped off after 3pm will be ready the next day. If your bike needs a part, we’ll still have it ready for you in just 48 hours.

WE FIX EVERYTHING. You won’t find bike snobbery here.

The new standard – The Hometown Standard – includes:

1. INSPECTION: We start by looking at the condition of your bike components to determine their wear. It’s important to us that we always send you out on a safe bicycle.

2. REMOVAL: Front and rear derailleur, Cassette, Chain, Crank, Wheels, All cables and housing, and Handlebar tape on road bikes

3. CLEANING: Frame, Derailleurs, Cassette, Chain, Crank, and Wheels

4. CALIBRATION: True wheels, Align frame dropout

5. RE-INSTALLATION: Derailleurs, Cassette, Chain, Crank, and Wheels

6. REPLACEMENT: All Cables and Housing will be replaced with new, stainless steel inner wire and 5mm housing PLUS all road bike Handlebar tape will be replaced with your choice of 5 Profile Design cork bar tape. Premium Handlebar tape is available for an additional cost.

7. LUBE/GREASE: Keeping your bike’s components running smoothly with the appropriate products

8. ADJUSTMENT: Front and rear derailleur, Brakes, Headset, Tighten all nuts and bolts


10. FOLLOW UP: We stand behind our work, and offer a 30-day follow-up adjustment free of charge

The Cost
Mountain Bike & Everything Else: $60. Road Bike: $65.

The point?
We want to to be your number one bicycle resource, so we’re turning “Standard” into a new level of “awesome”.

Stop in and experience a new standard – the way it SHOULD be.

See you soon!


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