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The Countdown to 1,000 CONTINUES!

The days are disappearing. Time is flying by. Word is getting out. And our repair count keeps climbing.

Repair 934…              Repair 939…              Repair 945…              Repair 957….

We know we can do this. We know we can complete 1,000 repairs by the end of this year – Hometown’s first year. We know we can do it because you, our customers, have been stepping up to the plate.

This isn’t about business anymore. It’s about achieving something. It’s about conquering a mountain and staking our flag at the summit. It’s about proving that “unlikely” doesn’t mean “impossible”…


We're getting closer!We’ve completed 943 Repairs, Repair 957 is in the store now, and Repair 948 is on the stand. You can follow the count on our Facebook Page.

For everyone who has brought in a bike, thank you. You became a part of something bigger – something that will go down in Hometown history – the minute you walked through our door.

For those who want to participate, here’s the deal. The next 42 tune-up/repairs that are brought in before December 31st will get a Complete Overhaul (new cables, new housing, new bar tape and cleaned and degreased to within an inch of its life), a 25% Off Any Product Coupon (special orders included) and an honorary place on our Facebook Wall of Fame. And you’ll get all of this for $40. No joke. So our question is…

Will YOU be one of the THOUSAND?

Hometown Bicycles Party Update
Our party plans have changed! By popular request, we’re moving our Hometown celebration to Thursday, December 30th, 5-10pm.

We polled our customers as they brought in more repairs (right on, bike peeps!), and the universal answer was “move the party between Christmas and New Years!” So that’s what we’re doing. And by the 30th, we hope we’ll have something else besides a wedding and a shop opening to celebrate… 1,000 or bust, baby!

There’ll be food, music, seats and great company. You don’t need to bring a thing besides yourself. If you can make it, please CLICK HERE TO RSVP.

“Hell, there are no rules here –
we’re trying to accomplish something.” -Thomas Edison

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