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What’s Happening at Hometown?

Colors and textures of the upcoming Hometown Bicycles: Bicycle Adventure Center
(A sneak peek at some of the sights you’ll be seeing in your new Hometown Bicycles!)


Our crew has been putting in some crazy hours to lay out displays, install service racks, build bikes, prep products, set up computers, clean, clean, and clean some more…

… and we’re not quite ready to cut the ribbon yet. Turns out, you really CAN’T rush incredible.

Here’s a bit of Hometown trivia for you… We (Shaun & Dawn) got married on 10/10/10 – that’s 5 years of magic, just like our shop! And we’ll admit that we were REALLY hoping to celebrate our anniversary with a Bicycle Adventure Center Grand Opening. But, we are SO CLOSE. This is just a chance to savor the excitement a little bit longer!

If you want to hear more Hometown news, come hang out with us this weekend at our favorite cycling event – Tour de Livingston, follow along on Facebook and, as always, keep your eye out for our email updates.

Stay alert! When this thing explodes, it’s going to happen FAST…

~ Shaun, Dawn, Liam & The Crew

Bicycle Adventure Center: Coming right up!

Time for a Change…

Gear clock at Hometown BicyclesTODAY, IT’S OFFICIAL.

Hometown Bicycles – the people, personalities, and stories; the products, plans, and mission; the Hometown experience and culture – has officially left 10605 Grand River Road…

… and pedaled a few yards west to resettle in 10595 Grand River Road!

Our new home is looking cooler by the second, and we absolutely can’t wait to get you in here.

Bicycle Adventure Center: We’ll be keeping you posted…

~ Shaun, Dawn, Liam & The Crew

The Move is ON!

The End of the Beginning

Hometown Bicycles is moving



For over 5 years now, our bicycle shop has been evolving in its modest home. We’ve jokingly called it our first child (sorry, Liam!), but that’s really not too far from the truth. We’ve raised it from a fledgling service shop to a full-out, bursting-at-the-seams cyclists’ haven.

It’s inspired people to laugh, achieve, dream, smile, and RIDE. It’s witnessed our engagement, marriage, first home, and first baby. It’s been a resource for our crew, our customers, and our community. It’s set a new standard for the “bike shop experience.”

So, we guess what we’re trying to say is…

Hometown Bicycles new location

YAHOOOO!! We’re moving!!!

Hometown Bicycles is moving!THE NEXT FEW DAYS

Here’s how it’s going down… WE ARE OPEN for today and tomorrow in our current location. Though the shop is a move-in-progress, WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING BICYCLES FOR SERVICE during this time.

However, STARTING THIS THURSDAY, we are officially out of there!


Following the move is new shop set-up, so we’ll be taking a brief time to get everything finalized and placed. Pending approvals, we anticipate re-opening in our new home by theTour de Livingston!

Because of the enormity of this project, this will likely be a multi-phase opening, with the Grand Opening celebration happening later in the month. But maybe that’s for the best… we don’t want to incapacitate you by unleashing too much awesome at once!

Stay tuned to our emails, website, and Facebook for the latest Hometown updates. They’re getting more interesting by the second…

~ Shaun, Dawn, Liam & The Crew

Moving Sale: A Success Story

Hometown Bicycles Moving Sale

Hometown Bicycles Moving SaleWHOA. NELLY. WHAT AN EVENT!  With a long line of eager bargain hunters stretching back toward our new shop, we launched THE biggest sales event in Hometown Bicycles’ eventful history. Products, fixtures, appliances, furniture – all up for grabs!

Hometown Bicycles Moving Sale parkingWe just want to say… THANK YOU for being there. You’ve shown us your true Hometown spirit, and it’s something worth growing for. Know that your support has brought us that much closer to our big move!

Hometown Bicycles Moving SaleAnd a special shout-out to Tom Spangler, Mike, and Fred Tomczyk (Dawn’s dad!) who volunteered their time to help make our Moving Sale ROCK!

For now, we’re operating business-as-normal in our current shop. Be prepared, though, for the telltale signs of our impending evolution.

What’s next?…


Start taping on those socks again…

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Fat Bike Night (stay tuned)

Moving Sale TODAY!

HTB 0915 Moving Sale

Moving Sale THIS Sunday!

Closed Saturday to Prepare for…

Bicycle Shop Moving Sale September 20, 2015 at Hometown Bicycles in Brighton


Hometown Bicycles Moving Sale - September 20th from 11-4THE TIME HAS COME!!!  Hometown Bicycles is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from moving into something way bigger and way better, and YOU reap the benefits of our big move!

Remember, our SEPTEMBER 20TH Moving Sale is only 5 short hours – 11AM – 4PM. And we’ll be running killer deals and garage sale bargains on just about everything that isn’t nailed down.

You’ve already seen signs of our impending move – walls emptied, boxes stacked, a hum of excitement at the shop. But in order to prepare the shop for THIS EPIC EVENT…

We will be CLOSED this Saturday
Because of the enormity of this event, we have some important points to share…

1)  PARK NEXT DOOR  (i.e. at our future Bicycle Adventure Center in the former Tri County Cleaning building – 10595 Grand River Rd.)





6 Fun Facts About the Tour de Livingston

Tour de Livingston - Howell Rotary

LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY, and the excitement’s building for this October 11th event of epic awesomeness! To get you in the “Tour de Livingston” mood, here are a few fun facts about our favorite community ride:

1)  This will be the Tour de Livingston’s 8th birthday!

2)  To date, the Tour de Livingston has raised $180,000 to provide basic needs within OUR COMMUNITY via the Livingston County United Way.

3)  Created by the Howell Rotary, the success of Tour de Livingston hasinspired other Rotary clubs to launch their own cycling fundraisers.

4)  Tour de Livingston is one of the only times in which cyclists are allowed toride the GM Proving Grounds.

Jamis Xenith Road Bike - Donated to Tour de Livingston by Hometown Bicycles5)  Your registration for Tour de Livingston gives you automatic entry in a drawing to win a Jamis Xenith road bike (donated by us, look right –>)!

6)  We firmly believe that Tour de Livingston is one of THE BEST ways to view the fall scenery in our beautiful community!

LEARN MORE HERE about the Tour de Livingston.  AndHERE, TOO!

REGISTER HERE for the Tour de Livingston.

SMILE HERE because you know you’re going to have a blast at the Tour de Livingston!


Brighton Area Fire Department: Jamis Bicycle donated by Hometown Bicycles for 9/11 Memorial Run

(Photo courtesy Brighton Area Fire Department. Thank you!)
Brighton Area Fire 9/11 Run Jamis bike winner (donated by Hometown Bicycles)NEVER FORGET… The runners, walkers, and spectators of Brighton Area Fire Department’s 9/11 Memorial race aren’t likely to forget the sight of the fire crew running 3.1 miles in full gear!

Kudos to the volunteers for making it possible, and our heartfelt thanks to the Fire Department for everything they have done and do for this community.

And a special congratulations to Mary Theresa who won the bicycle that we donated to the event. (Photo at right courtesy Brighton Area Fire Department)



Hometown Bicycles - Bicycle Shop Moving SaleAS IF YOU NEEDED REMINDING… 

Running only 5 short hours, the Hometown Bicycles Moving Sale will be an epic opportunity for killer deals and garage sale bargains. We’ll be selling just about everything that isn’t nailed down, including our tools, displays, equipment, posters, appliances, supplies, stands and, of course, bicycles and accessories.

September 20, 2015
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