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Today, a Bike Build & a Path to Nowhere

The Story of Hometown: Part 2 of 3

Last week, we shared an in-a-nutshell history of Hometown Bicycles. This week, let’s talk about where we are today…

Most of you already have a handshake acquaintance with the 4 fundamental cornerstones of Hometown – these are the 4 rules we operate by, and are why we are the business we are today.

ALL of the decision we make MUST BE:

1) GOOD FOR THE COMPANY because we need it to do what we do.

2) GOOD FOR THE CUSTOMERS because they trust us to do the right thing.

3) GOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY because we are a part of it.

4) GOOD FOR THE INDUSTRY because we love it.

We’re about to put this system through its paces…


You’ve helped make us a thriving bicycle sales and service business in Livingston County. We’ve grown into two locations, initiated and participated in all sorts of cycling events, won awards, made rides, had fun, and created the rock-your-socks Hometown experience that first inspired us to open the shop.

You especially know our Brighton store well; it’s been your home away from home – and ours, too – for nearly 5 years. And now we’re coming to a crossroads for our beloved Hometown Bicycles…

Let’s talk more next week,

Shaun & Dawn Bhajan             

Bike Lights & Night Safety Clinic: THIS THURSDAY!
bike lightsWHAT: In this clinic, we’ll cover everything from the various styles, features, and benefits of bike lights, to where they go and why, to which lights you need and which you don’t.

Immediately after, anyone who’s interested can join us for a Devil’s Night Shop Ride, where you’ll be able to take our lights for a test spin! This ride will be a short, Island Lake road and trail mash-up for all levels of riders. We’ll finish up with a cozy autumn bonfire back at the shop.


WHERE: Hometown Bicycles of Brighton

Although there’s no charge, we do ask that you register in advance, so that we can plan ahead and make this an awesome event for everyone!




Customer Highlight: Fun with fat bikes
(Heather & Greg hard at work on their fat bike builds)

Heather and Greg have officially been inducted into the Hometown Hall of Coolness. When they’re new fat bikes arrived, so did they… determined to build them with their own two (four) hands. Now they know their bikes backward and forward, and are triumphantly fat biking the trails. Nice work, Heather and Greg!

A Path to Nowhere
Community Highlight: The bike path that isn’t one after all

(Actually, this path does lead somewhere – it currently leads to the sewage pump station on Grand River.)

We recently made the 30-second pilgrimage to Brighton Township’s bike path construction site to catch a glimpse of the new bike-path-in-progress… only to discover it’s not a bike path at all! They’re installing a narrow sidewalk instead – not wide enough for two cyclists to safely pass, and packed with the kind of sidewalk cracks that give riders carpal tunnel and headaches.

Pedestrians along Grand River are few and far between, while cyclists are frequent and numerous. We argue that there is greater value to the community and, more importantly, to the safety of cyclists and drivers, in building an asphalt bike path instead of a narrow sidewalk.

The Townships of Hamburg, Green Oak, Lyon, and Milford (to name a few) have all seen the value in bike paths over sidewalks. What happened in Brighton?

If this frustrates you, too, please call the Township and share your concerns: 810-229-0550.

Industry Highlight:  A cool company just got cooler

Google’s done some nifty things, but we think the Cycleplex is one of their greatest ideas ever. WIRED Magazine ran a great story about this bike sharing program:

Hometown’s History, Jim’s Joy, and Iceman

Hometown: A History
(Hometown Bicycles Brighton Service Shop – March 2010, 1 month before we opened)

Have you ever sat back and thought about where you were, where you are, and where you want to be?
With Hometown’s 5th Anniversary less than half a year away, we’ve been delving into the ‘why’s and ‘wherefore’s of our astronomical growth, and what our next steps will be to take the Hometown experience to crazy new heights. Over the next few emails, we want to share with you not only where we come from, but where you’re helping us go, and why that’s so darn important.
And it’s only right for us to share our ambitious goals with you because, without your support, none of this (gesturing proudly at Hometown Bicycles) would be possible!
HTB 1014 store start demoWe (Shaun and Dawn) started with an idea, a passion, and just enough money to pay for paint and some bike stands. Our dream was to launch a bike shop that would be more than just a store – it would be a rock-your-socks cycling experience.In March 2010, we located a mother ship for Hometown Bicycles in Brighton, and worked into the wee hours of every night, prepping the space for its new role as a Service Shop. HTB 1014 store start(We also got engaged!) By Tax Day, we were selling our very first customer a patch kit.By the following year, we were married and bustin’ down walls into our new, next-door retail space. HTB 1014 store start signJamis came into our lives –  one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.Since then, the Hometown crew has been involved in all sorts of cycling events – including our own – HTB 1014 store start sdlaunched shop rides and bike clinics, won Best Bike Shop and Best Retailer awards from our customers, our community, and our vendors, and have otherwise woven ourselves into the fabric of the community.

This past Spring, we opened our first satellite service location in Whitmore Lake. Whitmore Lake Shop photoAnd the adventures just keep on coming.

The time is coming for a new evolution… one that will help us become the bike shop of your dreams. We’re gearing up to take your Hometown experience to new heights, and can’t wait to share our vision with you.

Until our next email, when we’ll talk about Where We Are Now,

- Shaun & Dawn Bhajan     
Bike Lights & Night Safety Clinic: Get Lit Next Thursday!
bike lights
WHAT: In this clinic, we’ll cover everything from the various styles, features, and benefits of bike lights, to where they go and why, to which lights you need and which you don’t.Immediately after, anyone who’s interested can join us for a Devil’s Night Shop Ride, where you’ll be able to take our lights for a test spin! This ride will be a short, Island Lake road and trail mash-up for all levels of riders. We’ll finish up with a cozy autumn bonfire back at the shop.
WHERE: Hometown Bicycles of Brighton
Although there’s no charge, we do ask that you register in advance, so that we can plan ahead and make this an awesome event for everyone!




Customer Highlight: A Cyclist with True Hometown Spirit
(Here’s Jim – holding the sign – at the GM loop at Tour de Livingston 2014.)

Jim Cleer embodies everything we like most about cycling and cyclists. Since he first dropped by our shop, we’ve seen Jim encourage so many others to get healthy through cycling. He’s always willing to help out, and focuses on what’s really important… the JOY of cycling. In Jim’s own words, here’s why he rides…

“When I was first asked to write about why I ride, I thought no problem. Now that I have actually started to put pen to paper I find it a little more challenging to express why I love riding.

Just a brief background on my riding career is the fact that I have really only been doing this for two years. Of course, I rode a bike as a kid, but hadn’t really been on a bike for 30 years.

Anyway, my buddy Tom talked me into going mountain biking in the fall of 2012. I used his son’s bike and we rode the blue trail  at Island Lake. At the time I was working out regularly and running and thought I was in pretty good shape. Well, one hour and 45 minutes later to ride approximately 10 miles of what I now view as a beginner trail proved me wrong.

I was hooked and went out and bought a mountain bike later that week. I love the feeling of being out in the woods. The group rides we do on Wednesday nights. The races I now compete in and the friends I have made while mountain biking. There is almost nothing more rewarding than successfully climbing a rock and root infested hill and then getting the pay off on the other end to scream down the other side while dodging trees, rocks and more roots and if your lucky, catching a little air as you go.

At least, that is what I thought for the first year.

I had a rather jaded opinion of what is commonly called a “roadie”. Mountain bikers as a whole are pretty much laid back. We ride hard, help those in need on the trail and drink beer. I was led to believe that roadies are a little more stuck up and live within all these etiquette rules of riding.

Well, I bought a triathlon bike in the late fall of 2013. I wanted to do a tri in the coming summer and found the bike on craigslist.com for a great price. I didn’t get much riding in on it as we all know what kind of winter we just had. But, spring finally came and I took to the road.

I started riding Kensington and Island Lake on a regular basis. I found the other “roadies” to be just as courteous and friendly as mountain bikers. Sure, they typically may look better in spandex bike shorts, but they gave me a new goal of trimming the waist line a little more.

I even got a flat one early Saturday morning at Island Lake about 6 miles from my car. There I was with no tube or CO2 walking the asphalt in tri shoes, not exactly the best shoes for walking. There were plenty of triathletes out doing training runs that morning and every single one of them asked if I needed help, wanted a tube or CO2. They were all really nice people.

Since then I have purchased a new road bike for racing and have taken to the road more than the trail. I love the speed factor of being on the road. With every ride I find some other way to improve either my form, pedal stroke, climbing, cornering or gear shifting. I realize I love the science part of biking too. I use speed and cadence meters along with my Garmin 310xt, to track my progress and see where I have opportunities to improve. Eventually, I will get a power meter, but they need to come down a little in price first.

To sum it all up, I don’t really have a single big reason why I ride. I ride because I love the people I meet, the camaraderie of the friends I’ve made, the strength and conditioning the sport gives me, the tools I get to use to improve, the knowledge I gain on a daily basis about all things bike, the stress relief it gives me after a crappy day at work and maybe most important, even with the tools I use to improve, it gives me time unplugged from all the non stop noise of tv’s, radio, the internet and work.

So, I highly encourage anyone one to hop on a bike and start pedaling. If after a while your legs start to hurt and you think you can’t go on, just look at them and repeat the immortal words of the legendary Jens Voigt, ‘Shut Up Legs’ and pedal on.”



Community Highlight: Construction’s underway by the shop

Now here’s some orange barrels we can get excited about! Last week we talked about Brighton Township’s plans for a new bike path running from Old 23 to Pleasant Valley along Grand River, and eventually connecting at Kensington Road.

Hometown tips its hat to the Township… can you believe construction has already begun!? Just a stone’s throw east of the shop, workers are laying the foundation for the first leg of the path. It’s a beautiful sight… come by and check it out!



Industry Highlight:  Come chill with us at MI’s favorite MTB race

Hometown will be there with tent, beer, and cheer… Every year, Hometownies make a pilgrimage north to ride the breathtaking trails of the northern LP, and we’ll be there to cheer them on. Join us there on Saturday, November 8th!

The Tour, New Bike Paths, and Vicky V.’s Century

Fun Times at the Tour de Livingston

BRISK AND BEAUTIFUL: Tour de Livingston riders enjoyed incredible fall scenery at this year’s ride. Our Whitmore Lake shop – an official rest stop – was overflowing with energized cyclists, and we had a blast visiting with customers at our SAG support station at Mt. Brighton.

Below are photos from the event. Be sure to check out the Tour de Livingston Facebook page and Hometown Bicycles’ Facebook page for more posts on one of our favorite local events!

From left:  Cyclists gathering at dawn; Shaun & Dawn join Race Director Peter Bowen to draw the raffle bike winner; Congrats to Jack L. for winning our Jamis!

From left:  Lining up for take-off; Debbie G. and son rode the Hometown tandem in the Tour; Riders refresh at the Hometown Bicycles Whitmore Lake rest stop.

Bike Lights & Night Safety Clinic: Get Lit!
bike lightsWHAT: In this clinic, we’ll cover everything from the various styles, features, and benefits of bike lights, to where they go and why, to which lights you need and which you don’t.

Immediately after, anyone who’s interested can join us for a Devil’s Night Shop Ride, where you’ll be able to take our lights for a test spin! This ride will be a short, Island Lake road and trail mash-up for all levels of riders. We’ll finish up with a cozy autumn bonfire back at the shop.


WHERE: Hometown Bicycles of Brighton

Although there’s no charge, we do ask that you register in advance, so that we can plan ahead and make this an awesome event for everyone!




Customer Highlight: Riding the Apple Cider Century
(Photo op at Apple Cider Century: Vicky’s 3rd from the right. Photo courtesy of Vicky.)

Intelligent, fun, bike obsessed… Vicky Vulaj is one of our favorite cyclists! Vicky recently rode the Apple Cider Century – all glorious, vibrant, 100 miles of it – and came out of it smiling ear to ear. Here’s what Vicky has to say about cycling:

I love being a Triathlete. With each discipline, I learn something new about my body and my will. But, with cycling, I learn so much more about my own self, my drive and perseverance. I started riding casually on my Schwinn, around Kensington mostly (not the road, the path) and it served me well for the time but as I looked more and more forward to getting on my bike, I knew I needed something that was smoother and faster and got my first road bike, my Jamis.

As important as speed is in a Triathlon, I personally look forward to settling into the saddle and gauging my form and strength, once my body and bike are in sync, I feel like the bike is an extension of me and I can relax, take in my surroundings (as I so often do, even in a race) and breath in the air. I love that feeling of forward movement that only comes from a bike, sure we run and swim but it’s so different, so much more rewarding.

My training rides have taken me into Island Lake, South Lyon, Dexter and Chelsea and I love them every bit as much (or more) than any competition. I’ve also ridden a few centuries and a few metric centuries. I’m so grateful to have discovered cycling and hope to keep rolling and improving for a long, long time.

And here’s what she has to say about the Apple Cider Century:

“Simply stated, The Apple Cider Century is a wonderful, scenic and very enjoyable Fall Ride. The quaint town of Three Oaks, Michigan provided a great overall experience; from the genuinely welcoming locals, easy in-and-out traffic, and most importantly Nelson’s Saloon for great burgers and beer
(however, the ride does include a spaghetti dinner).

Packet-pickup was efficient and well-organized considering they had to roll-out over 5,000 riders. The energy was in high-gear and the weather was a perfect 75 degrees with blue skies for miles and miles. The trails were well marked and maps were provided. SAG support was plentiful with vehicles throughout the course and the SAG stops were plentiful with water, gatorade and snacks for refueling.

Most importantly, for me, the eclectic course provided scenery that kept us constantly in the presence of our surroundings and never bored. From canopies of tree-lined and winding country roads, creeks and bridges to vast fields of grazing land, with beautifully architectured farmhouses, “eau de farmland” included It was a mini vacation; a day to grab your bike and explore the part of our state that takes you away from the daily grind.

The Apple Cider Century is a great ride that offers all the ingredients of an enjoyable day and discussions of next years tour happened on the drive home.”
Vicky Vulaj



Community Highlight: Get the scoop on this bike-friendly plan

Have you heard the good news?! Brighton Township is, as we type, laying out bike-friendly pathways that will stretch from Old 23 to Pleasant Valley along Grand River and eventually connect at Kensington Road. The lane will pass right in front of our Brighton store, and we’ve been enjoying the bustle of surveyors as they plot the route. WHOO-HOO!

Want to know more? Check out the links below:




Industry Highlight: One retailer’s mission to enforce safe cycling

Something we should institute at Hometown Bicycles? Three cheers for this industry-championing retailer who refuses to let irresponsible cyclists give cycling a bad name.

Bike Lights Clinic, Tim’s Triumph, and the Tour

Bike Light Clinic & Devil’s Night Ride

UFO on night road

IF YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE A UFO WHEN YOU RIDE, YOU’RE NOT USING ENOUGH LIGHTS. Here’s the deal… we really like you, and we want to help keep you SAFE on your nocturnal cycling adventures.
On Friday, October 30th, 6:00pm at our Brighton store,
we’re hosting a FREE Bike Light & Night Safety clinic that you won’t want to miss.
This clinic will cover everything from the different styles, features, and benefits of cycling lights, where they go and why, and which lights you need and which you don’t.

Immediately after, anyone who’s interested can join us for our Devil’s Night Shop Ride, where you’ll be able to take our lights for a test spin! This ride will be a short, Island Lake road and trail mash-up for all levels of riders. We’ll finish up with a cozy autumn bonfire back at the shop.

Although there’s no charge, we do ask that you register in advance, so that we can plan ahead and make this an awesome event for everyone!




Customer Highlight: Congratulations on a triumphant ride!
Tim Bart of Hometown Bicycles wins the Michigan Mountain Mayhem Gravel Grinder Bicycle Race

Recognize this character? It’s Hometown’s own Tim Bart, and we’re MIGHTY proud of him. Here he is, muddy but victorious, after winning his age division at the Michigan Mountain Mayhem Gravel Grinder in beautiful Boyne City. Way to rock the dirt, Tim!



Community Highlight: Be there or be square!

Tour de Livingston website
A local ride supporting a local cause, gorgeous fall scenery, delicious food, routes for all levels and all ages, a chance to hang out with your Hometown peeps… all that’s missing to make this a perfect event is YOU!




Industry Highlight: Global Cycling Network quick tips & comedy

Global Cycling Network video - Top 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Both helpful and hilarious, the Global Cycling Network (GCN) YouTube channel is chalk full of “Top 10″ tips and industry news for the avid cyclist. If you enjoy bicycles and a lively blend of the silly and the serious, you’re going to love this channel!

Fat Bikes, A Guy Named Bob, and Racing News

You Came. You Saw. You Learned!

Ladies Fat Bike Clinic at Hometown Bicycles

WOW, THAT WAS FUN!  Between fat bike guru, Jeff Buerman’s, enthusiastic and informative presentation, and heaps of great questions from a posse of soon-to-be fat bike goddesses, our first ever, Ladies Fat Bike Night was a smash hit!

Wish you had come? You’ll be glad to know that, thanks to this event’s rousing response, there will be more fat bike clinics to come!

Follow our Facebook page to stay posted on our latest events.




Customer Highlight: A Schwinn-obsessed master craftsman
Stingray Bob at the classic car show in Milford

Bob earned his moniker “Stingray Bob” from a lifetime of buying, selling, and exquisite renovations of Schwinn’s famous, classic Stingray bicycles. We ran into Stingray Bob at last week’s classic car & trailer show at Baker’s of Milford. True to form, he was toting a few pieces from his beautiful collection. If you’re ever in the market to buy or sell a Stingray, Bob’s your man!

Stingray Bob's classic trailer and Schwinn Stingray



Community Highlight: Livingston Daily covers Training Ride

Tour de Livingston Training Ride in the new at Livingston Daily Press & Argus
A couple emails ago, we said you’d be in the news if you joined us for our Tour de Livingston Training Ride. And here you are!

If you haven’t already read the article in the newspaper, be sure to check it out online:




Industry Highlight: Competitive cycling, bike reviews, and more

Velo News website

We can’t get enough of this website, and want to share the fun with you! Velo News is packed full of the absolute coolest cycling news, bike industry trends, race results, training tips, international events, race calendar, cyclist commentary…

Oh my! Check out Velo News HERE.

Island Lake Trail Expansion & A Ride Across Ontario

Ladies’ Fat Bike Night THIS FRIDAY!

Fat Bike at Hometown Bicycles Green Gals Shop Ride September 23, 2014

THIS FRIDAY CAN’T GET HERE SOON ENOUGH!  We’re uber-excited about the inaugural Hometown Bicycles Ladies’ Fat Bike Night clinic. If you’re already registered, you rock and we’ll see you soon! If you still want to register, call 810-225-2441. If you want to be reminded about the awesomeness that this event will entail, CLICK HERE.




Customer Highlight: A bike restoration & ride across Ontario
Gretchen Klatt at Hometown Bicycles after her cycling adventure!

Talk about living the dream! Customer Gretchen Klatt came to our shop last winter with an old, steel frame bike and a hankering for pedal-powered adventure. Here’s her story, in her own words…

“I had a 21 year old steel bike hiding in my garage; as a winter project Hometown Bicycles helped me restore her with new components into a touring bike. I talked all summer about taking it out camping and when September rolled around it was now or never.  I bought maps from Adventure Cycling and my sweet husband drove me to Sarnia, Ontario and waved good-bye.

For six days I peddled and camped (ok, one night I stayed in a cute little inn!) and learned a lot.  Wind isn’t as bad as I thought, a loaded bike is really heavy, I can be more aggressive on the road, looking behind is critical to my safety, Gatorade is important, 50 degrees is not too cold to ride, I got better at hills (big hills) and I love my quads!  

I thought I could travel 70 miles a day – I was wrong.  I averaged 50 miles a day and by 2:00 I wanted to be done for the day.  I left part of my trip unfinished because I ran out of vacation time; but that’s ok, Ontario will be there when I get a yen to ride another section of that map – and ride it I will.”






Community Highlight: Friends of Island Lake take action

September 23, 2014 Friends of Island Lake meeting at the Park Office
Last night’s Friends of Island Lake meeting, regarding both paved and single track trail additions, had an incredible turn-out. The park office was literally overflowing… you can only see a few of the attendees in the picture above.

We were super proud to see Hometownies there in abundance. Way to support the trails you love to ride!

On the agenda were extremely exciting trail developments throughout the park which, by the way, is ranked Michigan’s highest attendance non-camping recreational area. To read more about the Friends of Island Lake’s projects, check out the three links below:


Community Highlight: Tour de Livingston Ride in Local News

Despite threatening weather, last Sunday’s Hometown Bicycles Tour de Livingston Training Ride out of Howell had great attendance from fans of the much-loved, nearly-here Tour de Livingston event. Keep a weather eye out for ride photos taken by renowned local photographer, Richard Lim, in an upcoming Livingston Daily Press & Argus!



Industry Highlight: 2015 Supernova Team bike is hot stuff!

Jamis Supernova Team 2015 cyclocross bike

Jamis’ racy, new cyclocross bike has been turning heads around the world. In fact, their 2015 Supernova Team bike recently enjoyed feature face time in Cyclocross (CX) Magazine. This is one bike you cross-fans out there have gotta see!

CLICK HERE to check out the article on CX Magazine’s website.

Get in the Newspaper with Hometown Bicycles

Wanna be in the Newspaper with
Hometown Bicycles?

NewspaperFifteen minutes of fame with a posse of fellow cyclists and Hometownies… are you in?!?!

Livingston County Press & Argus will be on the scene at this weekend’s Hometown Bicycles Tour de Livingston Training Ride to help promote this most awesome of upcoming events.

As usual, our shop ride leaves at 8:00am from the Memorial at the Courthouse in Howell. The route forms a 15-mile loop that you can choose to ride once or, if your engines are really fired up, twice!

So that all of our crew can join the fun, we’ll be opening both stores late on Sunday:

Shop Hours (both locations!) – Sunday, September 21
11am – 5pm

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for ride details and updates!

There’s Only 4 Days Left to Register & Just 10 Slots Remaining
Surly Ice Cream Truck

Above: The newest Surly fat bike – coming soon! Want to whet your fat bike appetite? Check out Surly and Salsa‘s websites for a gander at their latest and greatest models!

WOW!! The response to our upcoming, September 26, Ladies Fat Bike Night has been phenomenal! It’s inspiring to see so many gals gearing up to become fat bike goddesses.

We’ve capped the event at 20 women, and are already halfway filled. So, if you’ve been wanting to learn more about fat bikes, now’s the time to register!

At this event, fat bike wizard and rep, Jeff Buerman, will showcase several top fat bike styles, discuss the differences between them, and answer your individual questions. We’ll also cover essential cold weather gear that will help take your fat bike experience to the next level.

With your $20 registration, you will receive a $20 store creditsnacks and beverages (think, Fat Tire  Beer!), and a gift bag with some seriously cool cycling must-haves. PLUS, with every fat bike you purchase during this event, you’ll receive a $250 Hometown Bicycles Gift Certificate that you can apply toward your new fat bike, parts, accessories, or save for later use!!

TO REGISTER, CALL US AT (810) 225-2441
We’ll be accepting registrations ’til September 20. There is a 20-person limit, so please register early! Registration is $20 (which will then be applied as store credit for you.)

A Hometown Homie with Serious Star Quality

David Struble, Triathalon/Duathalon State Champion
Last week, we gave a shout out to Hometownie, David Struble, who ran 3.1 miles in over 60 lbs of fireman gear to raise money for the 9/11 Memorial Fund. This week he blew our other pair of socks off after taking home Duathalon State Champion 2nd Place – Overall Male.

Seriously. We know the coolest people! Congratulations, David!


Hometown Bicycles Whitmore Lake Fall Mums

MONDAY – FRIDAY (except Wednesday):  11AM – 7PM

NOTE: Our Brighton store hours are still Mon – Fri 7AM – 7PM, Sat & Sun NOON – 5PM.